Preparing Your Estate/Survivors Checklist

Planning ahead can make a dramatic difference to your survivors after your death. Below is a check list of ways to prepare, including information for your survivors.

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___Step One: Make sure your beneficiaries are up to date

  1. Login to Benefits Access
  2. Select My Benefits
  3. Under Personal Profile, Select Beneficiaries
  4. Follow the instructions 


  1. Print, Complete the Participant Beneficiary Form or the Surviving Spouse Beneficiary Form
  2. Return the Beneficiary Form to the Board of Pensions


___Step Tw0: Prepare a list of information that is needed after your death or your spouses death

  • Date of death
  • The name and the city/state of your surviving spouse and/or children
  • The number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  • The date, time and location of the funeral/memorial service
  • The name of the presiding pastor
  • The name, phone number, email address of the executor of the estate
  • An address where condolences should be sent
  • Where memorial gifts should be sent (e.g. Church Fund, Charity, Endowment Board or Educational Institution)


___Step Three: Survivor should contact the Board of Pensions

Once notified of a death, the Board of Pensions will complete the following tasks:

  • Alert Wespath for pension change and death benefit processing, if applicable

  • Prepare a death notice for the Bishop to send out to the California-Nevada Annual Conference

  • Update any health benefits subscription information and send any premium refunds