Electronic Payment Instructions

Instructions for reviewing and paying bills online


Accessing the Website

 Go to the following web page: https://umcdata.net/Cal


Locate and click on the link for “Ministry Financials” . This will take you to the website where you may enter your church income, view your statement, and make payments for Mission Shares, Benefits, and Special Giving.

The login page should look like this:

Church/Organization Login
Churches will log in using the Account # and Ch. ID from the most recent statement that was mailed to you. It is located in the top right corner above the statement date and the statement period. The password is the CH. ID # (including the "CN/" and the numbers that follow).

Retiree/Individual Login
For Retirees and individual payees, the username is the first initial and last name of the subscriber (e.g. Rev. John Doe would be JDoe and Rev. John Doe-Raimy would be JDoe-Raimy). and the password would be the CH. ID # listed on the most recent bill (including the "CN/" and the numbers that follow).

You should then see a page that looks something like this. The benefits items on your page will vary depending on your account

Click the MENU button in the upper right to open the menu. Select the picture of the video camera followed by “Tutorial” to view the video. It will explain each portion of the page. Plese note that the tutorial is for several conferences, and parts of it may not apply to your conference.

We highly recommend that you view this video for this page. In particular, please note the following:
● A row for each Benefit type and Participant is listed.
● At the bottom there is a row of totals, total amount due at the bottom right.
● The Excel and PDF buttons will print a snapshot of all of the church’s accounts as of the current date.
● From the Monthly Statements box on the right, you may download any of the statements listed. The balances there will be the month end balances, which may be different from the current balances shown in the grid if you have submitted a payment since month end and it has been processed.

 When you have entered all portions of your payment and the Total Payment amount is what you intend to pay, click the “Continue” button below the grid on the right

Completing Your Payment
You may pay by online electronic payment directly from a bank checking or savings account. You may also pay by check.

To pay online...
Creating Your Church Vanco Account and Making Your First ACH Payment

If you do not see a number in the Vanco Customer ID box to pay by ACH (electronic payment from a bank account), you can set one up when you make your first payment. You will need the bank's routing number and the church's bank account number for the bank account from which you want your payment withdrawn.

Your payment page will look like this.

If you do not see a Customer ID in the top box, click the link at the top of the box on the right that says “Need to create a Customer ID?”. Then click the link that says “Create a payment method”. Enter the requested banking information into the fields on the right.

Make a note of your Vanco Customer ID. You will use this when making future payments. 

Then click “Submit Payment”.
When your payment is successful, a receipt will display that you may print if desired. You will also receive an email receipt at the address entered when making the payment.

To pay by check...

To pay by check, click the Pay by Check button. Your payment page will look like this.

 ● Enter your email address so the office can contact you if needed.
● Click the Submit Payment button. You will receive a document to print and mail in with your payment.