2022 Active Clergy and Lay Employee Health Insurance

In 2022, the Board of Pensions was able to keep Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health premiums at the same rate, through the use of Board of Pensions health insurance reserve funds. These two plans will still include the Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) which will cover the deductible and most of the out of pocket maximum.

Important Information:

  • There are two HMO options, Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health Plus
  • Kaiser and Sutter plans will include the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) through NonStop Wellness but participants will be required to pay the final $1050/$2100 (through Kaiser) or $1000/$2000 (through Sutter)
  • The Blue Shield plan is no longer offered through the conference Group Plan. 

Plan and Premium Comparisons

2022 Premium and Cost Sharing

Clergy who participate in the group insurance plan are expected to contribute towards the cost of premiums through pretax payroll deductions. 

Local churches determine how much lay employees must contribute towards their premium costs. Check with your supervisor or church administrator for specifics.