2018 Health Insurance Information is Here - Deadline for Active Open Enrollment is November 17, 2017

There is important information for clergy, lay employees, and retirees. Please go to the appropriate health insurance page for more information.


Introducing the Pension Billing Calculator

Charge conference and budget seasons are in full swing. Every year at this time the Board of Pensions and the district offices receive calls about how to accurately estimate the cost of pensions for ...

Retired Clergy - Important information about the future of retiree healthcare

Good news - there will be no premium increases for 2018 for all our retiree health insurance plans! To achieve this rate pass, the Board of Pensions utilized significant reserve funds. Unfortunately, ...

2018 Active Clergy and Lay Employee Health Insurance Rates

The 2018 Health Insurance Open Enrollment has started and will continue through November 17, 2017.  All clergy, regardless of current health insurance status, all covered lay employees must complete ...

Why Is Alzheimer's Disease Called "Type 3 Diabetes"?

It is hard to imagine a more distressing medical diagnosis than Alzheimer’s Disease.  This disease of the brain causes mild to severe memory loss, confusion, personality changes and even death.  ...

Preparing For Disasters

As I write these words, Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey continues to wreak a path of destruction through southeast Texas. As we pray and donate help for our fellow Americans , one cannot help but ...