2018 Health Insurance Information is Here - Deadline for Active Open Enrollment is November 17, 2017

There is important information for clergy, lay employees, and retirees. Please go to the appropriate health insurance page for more information.

Board Members

The Board is comprised of not fewer than 12 and not more than 18 members, not indebted to pension and benefit funds, plans, and program; one-third laywomen, one-third laymen, and one third clergy. The full board meets at least three times a year to discuss and vote on pension and benefit issues, including investments, that affect the members and lay employees of the conference.

Clergy Members of the Board

  • Gary Grundman- President
  • Roger Morimoto, Personnel Committee Chair
  • Brandon Austin
  • Kelly Love
  • Jeonghyun Park
  • Kristen Sachen
  • John Sublett
  • Debbie Weatherspoon

Lay Members of the Board

  • Mike Beebe, Investment Committee Chair
  • Becky Everett
  • Jo Ann Lawson
  • Steve Murata
  • Mike Simpson
  • Sheila Vaughn

Ex Officio Members

  • Paul Extrum-Fernandez. Chief Benefits Officer, Board of Pensions
  • Diane Knudsen, Treasurer
  • Corey Parish, Executive Director, The Endowment Board
  • Nancy Daley, Executive Director, Retired Clergy Association
  • Marty Murdock, President, Retired Clergy Association
  • Brian Grimmer, Assistant Benefits Officer, Board of Pensions
  • Andrea Winchester, Office Manager, Board of Pensions