2018 Health Insurance Information is Here - Deadline for Active Open Enrollment is November 17, 2017

There is important information for clergy, lay employees, and retirees. Please go to the appropriate health insurance page for more information.

Clergy Change Checklist

What does a church need to do ensure new clergy receive pension and health benefits?


  • Enter the new salary into the Dashboard as soon as possible. For assistance in completing the salary worksheet, click here.

Health Benefits

  • Determine if health benefits will be provided.
  • Alert the Board of Pensions if the new clergy needs to sign up for the Blue Shield PPO or the Kaiser Permanente HMO.
  • Have the new clergy member complete the appropriate enrollment forms.
  • Return the enrollment forms to the Board of Pensions.

For more information on health benefit plans, click here.


  • Ensure that the Church has completed an Adoption Agreement with Wespath.
  • Determine how much the new employee will be contributing to their UMPIP account.
  • Have the employee complete the Contribution Election Form.
  • Have an authorized representative of the church sign the Contribution Election Form.
  • Return the Contribution Election Form to the Board of Pensions.