2018 Health Insurance Information is Here - Deadline for Active Open Enrollment is November 17, 2017

There is important information for clergy, lay employees, and retirees. Please go to the appropriate health insurance page for more information.

Active Clergy & Lay Employee Health Insurance

The Board of Pensions offers a health plan to all clergy and conference staff working 30 hours or more per week, including spouses/domestic partners and dependent children. Local churches may offer benefits to full-time lay employees but may decide on their own eligibility and premium cost sharing rules.

Click Here for 2018 Open Enrollment Information


Plan Types

There are two plan options available to eligible employees. Visit our Active Plan Comparison page for a side by side comparison of the main benefits or the Active Premium Comparison page to learn more about premium costs. Both are considered high-deductible plans; however, they include a health reimbursement account (HRA).  NonStop Wellness administers the HRA, which covers most in-network copay and deductible costs, excluding specialty medications and emergency room visits.

Blue Shield of California Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) 

  • Pro: Offers flexibility in choosing providers in and out of network. Is available in all states and regions
  • Con: Higher premium cost for the church and the HRA process is more cumbersome.

Click here for the Blue Shield benefits summary.

Learn more about how Health Reimbursement Account works to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses with Blue Shield.

Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) (click for a Benefits Summary)

  • Pro: Lower premium cost for the church and most bills are paid with debit card provided by the HRA.
  • Con: Must go to a Kaiser Permanente facility and option is limited to certain regions in California only.

Click here for the Kaiser Permanente benefits summary.

Learn how the Health Reimbursement Account works to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses with Kaiser Permanente.

Who is Eligible?

  • All active  Conference clergy members
  • All local pastors and clergy of other denominations, who are under full time Episcopal appointment to serve a local church within the bounds of the Conference
  • Full time  lay employees of:
    • the Conference
    • local churches within the Conference
    • interdenominational agencies in which the Conference participates.
  • All Conference clergy members who are appointed to Medical leave, from an appointment with pension and benefit claim on the Conference and whose disability benefit shave been approved by Wespath. In order to remain a health plan enrollee, clergy members who are appointed to Incapacity leave must enroll in Medicare parts A and B when eligible.

2017 Premium Cost Sharing

Clergy who participate in the group insurance plan are expected to contribute towards the cost of premiums through pretax payroll deductions. The amount of the cost sharing depends on the number of people being covered by the group plan.

  • Clergy only -  $800 per year
  • Clergy plus one - $1000 per year
  • Clergy plus two (or more) - $1200 per year

Local churches determine how much lay employees must contribute towards their premium costs. Check with your supervisor or church administrator for specifics.

How to Enroll

  1. Complete the 2018 Health Insurance Selection Form along with the appropriate enrollment form.
  2. Return it to the Board of Pensions  NOTE: An authorized person from the church must submit this request for lay employees.
  3. The Board of Pensions staff will enroll you in health, vision and dental coverage as well as with NonStop Wellness.